Mid Facelift

A mid-facelift, also known as a cheek lift, addresses one of the earliest signs of aging – sagging of the cheeks and the surrounding area because of the loss of elasticity due to aging. For many, the traditional facelift may not fully treat the upper cheek and lower eyelid areas of the face, which often flatten and lengthen with age. A mid-facelift can restore youthful contour to these areas. The surgery is often done in conjunction with a lower eyelid blepharoplasty. Michael Neimkin, M.D. at the Ophthalmic Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center in Atlanta, GA, will develop a procedural plan in partnership with patients to deliver a complete and improved facial appearance.

A mid-facelift is an effective treatment for individuals who want to elevate the cheeks without lifting the neck and areas under the chin. It allows a person to focus exclusively on signs of aging in the area around the nose, eyes, cheeks, and corners of the mouth. It is less invasive in comparison with traditional facelifts.

About Mid-Facelift Surgery

The surgery elevates the fat pad in the cheek, providing fullness to the eyes and cheeks, and a refreshed, rejuvenated look. The results are long-lasting and more permanent than those offered by injectables. Recovery from a mid-facelift is quicker than from a traditional facelift. A mid-facelift can be completed on its own or to supplement a traditional facelift or facial filler treatment. Candidates for the surgery often have more subtle signs of aging and are not ready for a full facelift. Typically, the initial recovery period is about one week. Patients typically experience less bruising and swelling following the surgery than they would in a traditional facelift procedure.

Each patient is unique; therefore, results will vary.

Don’t allow time to diminish your facial appearance. A mid-facelift can help restore a more youthful appearance. Call or complete our contact form today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Neimkin. At the Ophthalmic Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center Dr. Neimkin and his staff take pride in only offering patients the highest level of care in a family-like environment. Our office serves patients in the metro Atlanta area and beyond.